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it won't stop snowing

As I write, it's been snowing I have no idea how many hours. But the UK is all white, as seen from satellite photos. It's striking, and beautiful, and pretty. But it's very cold, like Canada cold. It's not got above freezing (0C) for quite a few days now.

In other, non-weather related news, my MacBook Pro is dying a slow death. Well, ok, to be specific, the hard drive is dying, so I've got a new iMac on order. I have left the laptop-as-main-computer crowd, as I don't travel as much as I used to nowadays.

I'm listening to Pulp's Different Class right now. God, it's good. I think the last time I actively listened to music was a year ago, and that was to just test new computer speakers. I just haven't had the desire. But something is lifting, perhaps my mood or perhaps my depression, and I'm excited and happy to listen to music again. I just read an article about Vampire Weekend, which I dismissed when they came out as cheap and flimsy Talking Heads wanna-bes. But now I'm kind of thinking, hmm, maybe I'll Spotify them and see what the fuss is about. We spend New Year's Eve cleaning the kitchen, listening to Weird Al VERY LOUD, and that was terrific. I sometimes think I want "Yoda" played at my funeral, just for fun.

Today is ideally a day of writing: working on Chapter 3, my methodology chapter. I let a deadline slip, as it was meant to be in complete draft form by 30 Nov 2009. I have no excuse, really, for the slippage, so I've got to put extra effort into it now. Holidays are over, it's time to get cracking.
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