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Easter holiday musings

So I'm still mostly asleep and my eye is still wonky (like looking through gauze). I'm drinking coffee and listening to reggae. It's a good day so far.

Went to see Kick-Ass, which was really kick ass! Good script, witty, rolled along, with a voice over. I love a voice over, and don't get people who diminish them or think they're a sign of poor writing/screenplay/whatever. I say get over it, a voice over is a good tool for plot development, character development, and potential source of humour. Directing was good too, it was directed by Matthew Vaughn, the partner in cinema crime of former Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie. So obviously this was an ultra-violent and very funny (at the same time) film. What more could you want? Oh of course lots of guns, shooting, violent fighting, a bazooka, confused sexuality, more violence, and great set design. A fake "Hirst" "spot painting", which I'm really surprised they didn't credit him or thank someone for the use of a replica. Oh and a skull painting, obviously another nod to Hirst. There were two genuine (most likely replicas) Warhols, which did get a thank you in the credits. No, all in all, it was a great film, very funny, a good use of two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

It's funny how my mental health is changing too, getting better than it has been in the past few years. I didn't mind watching the film with other people (usually I like my cinemas to be empty, or only have a handful of old people because they don't talk or do other rude shit that young people do), I didn't mind the adverts before the trailers, I thoroughly enjoyed the trailers (looking forward to seeing something called Hot Tub Time Machine), and didn't mind the closing credits music. In fact, I was tapping my toes! I'm so friggin happy that life is getting better for me. Thank God.

Oh there's more coffee in the pot. Oh Hallelujah. *scuppers off to drink coffee and waste time poking around on teh interwebz*
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