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July 2011

An old, dear friend has requested I come back to LJ, so I'm really going to make an effort to do so. I miss her, and I kind of miss this place. I hadn't really looked around for a long time, and it's really changed! Thankfully this interface isn't so different, but sheesh. Though okay I guess fair enough, it's been a while since this site has existed, and thinking about it, you gotta change or you're dead.

And maybe now is a good time to celebrate my time here. I joined in April 2002, which has nothing to do with today's date, but I hadn't realised that it will be ten years for me come next year. I have another outlet for my ramblings which I prefer to keep private, the brilliant, but there is no replacing Ell Jay.

And here is the obligatory PhD update: I am about to transfer to 'writing up' status (WUS), which begins a (scary and unchangeable) countdown to the time when I MUST submit my thesis. When I go to WUS, I have exactly one year to complete my thesis and submit. So I fucking well better not get sick, go nuts again, etc. And nobody I know better get sick or die or whatever, because I can't be taking time off to clean up your messes. Hah.

But apart from scary real life threatening to enter my lovely cosy ivory tower, my thesis is going pretty well. I've got my argument sorted, I've got a solid table of contents (aka 'scaffolding'), and I am DEFINITELY going to finish my theory chapter (first draft) this weekend. OR ELSE. Believe me when I say that I would rather be doing a million other things than writing in my theory chapter, but it's gotta be done. And once that's finished, then I will finish the first draft of my discussion chapter, and when that is done, then I shall have a complete draft of my thesis. FUCK YES.

Whew, all this updating is making me hungry. Later, kids.

EDIT: My friend is not 'old' as in she's a zillion years old, but I've known her a long time. Jeez I feel like a dork. Okay that is all.
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