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The past ain't coming back.

Man, I miss the early days of LJ when you didn't get spam comments if you mentioned certain trigger words. I guess we shall never return to those naive and simple days of talking at length about certain electronic devices, certain pharmaceutical goods, or certain pop stars who attract a great deal of media attention.

I've just finished a little piece of writing, which has absolutely nothing to do with my thesis, and of which I am absolutely, incredibly proud. I could really use a good subeditor though, and also I just want to share it with someone, because I'm so damn proud of what I've done in a very short amount of time. Two thousand words, a short story, written in three days, from conception to completion. I don't think it's perfect, mind, which is why I'd like comments, but I'm afraid I'm rather precious about both the story (in its current form) and to whom I trust it for comments. There are three people to whom I would send and trust it, none of whom I'm naming here but I can bet they know who they are.

I've got this bloody Oasis song in my head, stuck there from when I went on an Oasis bender last week. I can see it's going to be more Oasis today.
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