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a milestone achieved!

My upgrade viva has taken place (yesterday), and I am delighted to say that it was successful, and I have been provisionally upgraded from MPhil student to PhD student. Upon submission of a revised timetable for completion of my thesis, I will be officially be upgraded to PhD student.

This is the culmination of quite a lot of hard work. It also confirms that others more experienced than me in academic thinking and writing have confidence in my ability to complete a thesis in four years. I didn't quite understand the monumentality of that statement until I actually tried doing it. A thesis is quite a beast: it's one very long argument, and it's imperative that I don't repeat myself in it (because examiners will definitely catch it, and give me a dressing down for it). I need to maintain my argument throughout, and ensure that everything in the thesis is there for a reason, not just superfluous filler. This sounds quite straightforward, but at times is quite a challenge.

I got very useful comments at the upgrade viva yesterday, all of which I will (and am expected to) incorporate into new versions of chapters. But it was good to have other academics besides my supervisor and my other half read my work and critique it. I'm very pleased with how yesterday went - and ecstatic that I am allowed to continue with my research and work toward my PhD!

So I'm taking today off from PhD stuff. I have a massage booked at 10am, and then I'm not quite sure what I'll do. Maybe snooze! Or up my jewelcrafting in WoW...
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